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An explorative, cross-disciplinary think-tank for alternative living strategies, future art, architecture, products and lifestyles.

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Space Intelligence Agency brings together research, art & design disciplines in an interactive collective. It enables artists, designers and thinkers from different cultures, art & design disciplines to fertilize the discussion on the fate of our contemporary societies and cities, its architectures, infrastructures and products. We explore, design and visualize new and alternative models for both the society and the city. We study possible living strategies and lifestyles and formulate the spatial, social, economic and ecological qualities, analyze its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Space Intelligence Agency aims to set an international agenda for research, art and design innovation for what society is, in particular what the city, its products, architectures, landscapes, infrastructures and networks could be; a blueprint for the next to come.

Our Services

DESIGN & CONSULT : We develop and design clear and original concepts for potential future urban environments and lifestyles. We construct and simulate alternative routes into the urban and architectural future of human society. We consult municipalities and other urban development companies at preliminary design stages to help them make better, more plausible and informed decisions about the desired future. We build on existing statistical analysis, execute indepth research and visualize a set of future urban scenarios that are inclusive, progressive and make a difference. The research elaborated, the strategies and designs accomplished by us, maneuver between reality and fantasy, science and fiction, current facts and future trends, desires and needs. We take an explicitly global approach to strategic planning, linking macro trends and urgencies to local issues. We provide global and local foresight to create insights that can lead to concrete action.

EDUCATION : We develop and offer programs for art & design education that focus on a unique research-through-creation methodology with a strong multi-disciplinary approach which is crucial for the preparation of the next generation of artists and designers. We critically want to address the role of the artist and designer in society and encourage closer collaboration with all parties involved in the research, artistic and designing process, concerning a variety of disciplines and sciences such as philosophy, sociology, natural sciences, urban planning, architecture, art, product design, fashion and graphic design. What we value most in such a multidisciplinary approach is the cross-fertilization of various art & design disciplines leading to an enrichment of ingenuity and inventiveness. In particular, it can strengthen a critical attitude towards art & design. We aim to enlarge the argumentative power of the art & design profession through activation and direct involvement of these disciplines. The success of multidisciplinary collaboration is rounded out through continuous motivation for self-reflection, making it possible to sharpen and enlarge the role of each participating discipline.

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Tihamér Salij

Tihamér Salij is founding director of Space Intelligence Agency (2005). He has worked at the architecture firm MVRDV on projects including The Region Maker, 3DCity, RhineRuhrCity and Pig City. He co-curated the exhibition RhineRuhrCity in Düsseldorf, co-edited the publication KM3 – Excursions on Capacity. Tihamér has been coordinator of the international education program of the DutchDesignFashionArchitecture Program (DDFA) funded by the Ministries of Education, Culture & Science, Economic & Foreign Affairs and has been initiator of the multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural research & design program ‘Next City - Next Education’. Tihamér has been lecturing at the Creative College in Amersfoort where he has been Team Coordinator and leading the implementation of a new educational learning system. Tihamér has been teaching at various universities worldwide, including the Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Design Institute, the China Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), ENSAV (Paris), the Berlage and Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam). He teaches regularly at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft. As Research Program Leader of the Future Cities Program & Coordinator of the Future Cities Publication Series he has been affiliated to think-tank The Why Factory from its establishment in September 2007 till March 2015.

Tihamér has experience and expertise in developing systematic and cross-disciplinary design and research methodologies, iterative & story-centered design processing, scenario making, parametric modeling, performance-driven design, formulating & prioritizing design research agendas & linking them to education program. Tihamér has written numerous articles and published books for a wide range of topics.

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